The Merry Widow

You have to make the best of it!! 🍸🍸🍸🍸

Well he kept on about it ‘night and day‘
‘You won’t survive without me when I’ve passed away’
He said it so often I was almost believing
I just thought of the money - I would be receiving

He has very little patience and talks over me
on how unhappy and alone that I will be
‘I’ll never meet anyone who could ever match him‘
As I watch him eat a plateful full to the brim

I have to say he doesn’t eat the right things 🍔
Then up all night with indigestion it brings
Weatherspoon’s for fry ups then rolling his fags
Humping around carpets laying concrete slabs!

It would only be a matter of time
Until his health nosedived in decline
It was me he didn’t listen to - I knew best
As I picked out hymns for when I lay him to rest 👼

He was late getting up I shouted and called
I found him in bed as ‘stiff as a board‘😮
I thought for a minute shall I dial 999?
Or relish the peace at this moment in time?

I rang everyone up to tell of my grieving
My cases all packed and ready for leaving
I’ve booked a first class ticket on a luxury cruise 🚢
I’m so lost without him I’ve got nothing to lose 🤣

I’ll lap up the sunshine and stare out to sea
a real sense of relief now that I’m free
I’ll get my waiter to crack open the vino
A lovely lad - a Filipino

Some would call me harsh or even barbaric
as we set for sail around the Adriatic
It’s my way of coping please don’t judge
I’m sure if he knew he wouldn’t begrudge

I must snap out of it and join in the fun
This new chapter in my life has just begun,
first stop south of France then, Monaco 🇲🇨
Do You think I could be a Merry Widow?😉 August 2020

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