Carefree days in the 60’s

Kids on the block!!

Those carefree days back in the 60’s
looking like Romany gypsies!!
A lolly from the shops a real treat
a wonky fringe at the very least🤣

Made all our own entertainment and fun
An exciting time life had just begun
Days when children were kids for ages
The book of life - the first few pages

A set of values so different from today
Nothing too serious it was all about play
We never had anything worth taking for sure
But we had love couldn’t ask for anything more 💕

Never heard of stress or mental health?
Whatever the problem It would sort itself
Imagine today having one bath a week?
That was everyone then - we wasn’t unique

Furniture wasn’t changed until the extreme
never just to match a new colour scheme
A telephone a luxury for many in the day
Just wouldn’t have the financial ability to pay 💰

Fast forward today and look what we have
A hot shower everyday and an indoor lav
But are we as happy as when we had nowt?
Probably not too much anxiety about

Kim Hicks July 2020©️

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