A Pack of Wolves – Reading The News

Go on!! Show us your teeth!!!

Again this morning a hammering from Kate Burley
So self opinionated insulting and surly 😡
Only highlighting the negative slants of demise
Just to get viewers with propaganda and lies

Can’t they see they just fuel so much unrest
Peston Rigby and kuenssberg they’re also a pest
Putting their slant on to every story
Just to get that ‘scoop’ for fame and glory

Clearly NOT impartial news readers
Trying to bring down our elected leaders
Can’t they see the damage and unrest
To bring down our government - whom they detest

Where are the news channels? who support who we voted?
How do THEY get so much airtime devoted?
We need someone at the forefront who’s centre right
To get a balanced view from the media might

So rude with their questions really quite nasty
Because they’re clearly from the opposite party
Over talking and belittling cutting them off ‘On air‘
To relentlessly do this is bias and unfair

Couldn’t do it with Brexit or Covid-19
Now black lives matter are back on the scene
A.N.T.I.F.A have jumped on the back of this
Momentum also joined in heaven forbid!

Just remember when it comes to the polls
Conservative party will Still have control
All this aggression all this hate
Hard left Labour - you’ve met your fate!!

Kimhicksgmail.com July 2020©️

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