So, what happened to summer?

Come back!!!!

In spring the days were sunny and warm
glasses of Prosecco🍾 on the lawn
Thought it would last at least all over summer
But now It’s all changed it couldn’t look much glummer😩

Our cloudy little island situated in the north
Is blowing a gale for all it’s worth
We don’t live anywhere near the warmth of the equator
Thank god we’ve got Ireland as our wind breaker!

We just miss out from the warmer jet stream
Which would give us the heat we could only dream
We just have to wait as some days we are blessed
As us Brits with the weather we tend to obsess

The heatings back on which contradicts our beliefs
Out come the woolies and anything with sleeves
Don’t worry though no two days are the same
The heating will be off and we’ll be sweltering again!

So we’ll wait again for summer It’s like a lucky dip
It will return to us again it’s just a little blip
Don’t be so disheartened not having sunshine every day
If we can’t moan about the weather we’d have nothing to say! July 2020©️

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