Brats calling the shots

School then prison
When at school you had some respect
especially to those with intellect
Would never have dreamt of answering back
The lefty brigade put paid to that

We now wrap them up in cotton wool
It’s now the way forward - when at school
‘Give them confidence’ ‘build them up’
Speak to them ‘nicely’ 😁 never abrupt

They are untouchable and bullet proof,
Surly, rude, arrogant and aloof
I think they have a false sense of security
Because of their delinquent immaturity

When they leave school - if not expelled
Their life will be a living hell
still believing they have the upper hand
Not recognising everyday rules or commands

If you can’t teach at school right or wrong
In the real world they’ll never belong
They will always be a ‘misfit’ in the ‘real’ world
Doesn’t that make you a little bit concerned?

Kim hicks December 2020

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