Silly Season

Merry Christmas 🎄

It’s that time of year
We reminisce
But for some for us
We’ll painfully miss

Those special loved ones
No longer here
Though deep in our hearts ♥️💙
we still hold dear

Whether its memories
Or the warm Christmas glow
The pretty lights
The falling snow

It just evokes times
We once shared
Such an emotional time
We’re never prepared

It’s a beautiful time
But so painful too
We have to be brave
To get us through

The younger ones
need us to be strong
To keep breaking down
Would just be wrong

Don’t feel guilty
If you enjoy your day
I’m sure they wouldn’t want it
Any other way

So enjoy your Christmas 🎄
Don’t feel that it’s wrong
Because they’re right there
With you - all along 💝

Kim hicks December 2020

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