Widow Cranky


You’re ready for bed
hoping to get some sleep
never used tablets
Or, counted sheep

But just lately when my
Head hits the pillow
My chances of dropping off
Have plummeted to zero!!

I think of things from
decades gone by
Try to forget them
as much as I try

I know tonight
I shan’t sleep a wink
Unless I reprogram my mind
- not to think

Mind racing like crazy 😜
100 miles an hour
everything’s in fast forward
like an old cine camera 🎥

Tossing and turning
Staring at the ceiling
a couple of drinks 🥤
Sounds very appealing

Stay off the iPad
Tablet or, phone
If it’s any consolation
You’re not alone

Download your thoughts
of anxiety 😟 and stress
forget all the negative
Positive is best

Think gentle thoughts 💭
Trust me - you’ll thank me
You don’t want to come down
resembling old widow Cranky

Kimhicksgmail.com January 2021

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