St Giles Fair ‘70’s’ style!!

Please don’t rain!!

How we looked forward
when it was time for the fair
It came in September
a slight ‘nip’ in the air

We watched the weather
and prayed for no rain
the excitement and fun
was always the same

The waltzers, the rota
the wall of death
These were the rides
which caught our breath

Playing ‘The liquidator’
and The ‘Double Barrel’
whilst walking around
with a toffee apple

Strolling round
at a leisurely pace
There was always a neighbour
or familiar face

The lads on the waltzers
with roguish good looks
Spun us round faster
behind us they stood

It was busier at night
for the serious thrill seekers
music cranked up
from those massive loud speakers

There’s the hoopla stall
Or a coconut shy
If you win you take home
a HUGE ‘tweety pie’

Something I thought was
really quite strange
to win a goldfish
on the shooting range?

One thing however
has not changed at all
You need a shed load of cash
for those rides and stalls

Will I go this year?
maybe - though not staying late
I’ll meet you at the Helter skelter
in our usual place

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