Autumn (The Fall)

It’s that time of year
when leaves are turning
those foggy damp nights
and bonfires burning 🔥

It’s time for natures,
well earned rest
It’s the time of year
I love best

Wrap up warm
on those blustery walks
It’s a time to reflect,
your dreams and thoughts.

The flowers and trees
take a well earned break
hibernating animals
the birds migrate

I see the beauty
Of golds and bronze
the fast running rivers
majestic swans 🦢

A mist hanging over
a dewy drenched field
then out comes the sun ☀️
and all is revealed

Impressive cobwebs 🕸
so beautifully made
one of life’s wonders
still never explained

If you look beyond,
the gloomy grey skies.
Beauty surrounds us…
Just open your eyes

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