The ever changing night sky

What do you reckon? Friend or foe?

A calm clear night
cascading with stars
there’s twinkling Venus
and a hazy red Mars

The famous big bear
and pan handle formation
which is Orion’s belt
in its correct constellation

We take them for granted
as they’re a part of our lives
occasionally we wonder
what’s up in our skies

How come they twinkle?
and show every night?
we sometimes take note
of this wondrous delight

On Galleons and ships
their sole guiding light
sailing rough seas
on the stormiest of nights

We never take much interest
of those mysterious black holes?
what are there purpose?
and what are there roles?

Still so much unknown
about our starry constellations
creating imaginative fantasies
throughout generations

Perhaps in the future
the science will unlock
the mystery surrounding
those uncharted great rocks

What will we find?
dangerous enemies or friends?
and will we finally meet
those little green men?

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