A Disgruntled Angel

Love me!!!!!

I have to look young slim and pretty,
whilst Santa’s old and plump
It’s been a tradition for donkeys years
and leaves me frankly stumped.

When I’m perched high on the tree
with smiles and lots of glitter
the truth is I’m starved and bored
which makes me very bitter

Santa gets much more praise
as he brings all the toys
whilst I sit here for days on end
It makes me so annoyed

I sometimes slip down off the tree
whilst everyone’s asleep
I gorge myself with treats galore
especially all those sweets!!

I sometimes find it quite a struggle
to climb back up again
but it’s worth it and makes chuckle
when I hear ‘’who ate all of them!!!?’’

I just feel sometimes lonely
like I’ve been forgotten
stood here for weeks on end
with a tree stuck up my bottom

So spare a thought for angels
whose presence is but shortly
we are just as important at Christmas time
as the man in red… who’s portly

Kim Hicks December 2021©

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