That Silvery ole Moon 🌙

It’s a thing we’ve got
into over the years
It unites us together
absorbing our fears
when yours have upped
and flown the nest
and you’re not there
to say what’s best

Look up at the sky
at that silvery old moon
whilst your still
in your living room
It’s a telepathic
warm kind of feeling
looking up at that
star studded ceiling

Knowing they can see
the same as you
whether it’s full
partial or new
that old moon brings
us closer together
sliding on through
whatever the weather

Sometimes it’s hidden
on a cloudy night
then out it’s pops!
all silvery and white
Its there every night
wherever you are
a comforting glow
along with the stars ⭐️

If you can see it
- then we can too
Its lovely we can share
the same view
if you have a moment
or thoughts of home
look out for it -
you’re never alone 🥰
Stay safe 🥰

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