Time stops for no one

Tick Tock
Time stops for no one
that clock just keeps on ticking
you think you’ve got forever
when in fact your time is shrinking

Nobody can escape
that unstoppable pesky clock
you won’t be getting a second chance
to run around the block

Don’t say “we’ll do it next year”
as that year’s never promised
“It only happens to others!!”
we’re deluded if we’re honest

Don’t put off that holiday
or dream Caribbean cruise
time is only borrowed to you
miss it and you’ll lose

Don’t say no for a get together
and meeting up with friends
get out there and make the most
before the ticking ends

Rich or poor clever or not
we all think we’ve got forever
It’s not the length but quality
of how your life should measure

So don’t hold back get out there
and dance like no one’s watching
laugh until you nearly burst
because one day that clock IS stopping

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